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The Washington Post

More to the Story of the Lumbee

Huffington Post

Philanthropy, You in Danger, Girl! Five Things Philanthropies Need to Do Now in the Trump Age

Sit in It: Philanthropy Must Embrace Discomfort and Rapid Change on the Road to Achieving Equity

Investing in Native Youth and Their Communities

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Money as MedicineA prescription for healing the dysfunctional colonial dynamics at play in philanthropy and finance.

Philanthropy News Digest 

Generation Indigenous: Why Native American Youth Can't Wait

Native Voices Rising: Critical Leadership in Institutional Philanthropy

 A Challenge to Philanthropy: Expand Health and Educational Opportunities for Native American Youth

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What Funders Can Learn From Bey

Can Money Be Medicine? 

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Would Gandhi, Chavez or King Receive a Grant Today? Movement Building as a Grantmaking Strategy


Schott Foundation 

How to Get a Job in Philanthropy

Through Hell or High Water: The #FundSouth Movement is Strong

The Foundation Review 

The Foundation Review. Vol. 3, Issue 1. “Exposing Real World Philanthropy to the Next Generation of Social Work Leaders."  (January 2011) 


Decolonizing Wealth

Decolonizing Wealth. Indigenous wisdom to heal divides and restore balance.  (released October 16, 2018) 

School-Based Health Care: Advancing Educational Success and Public Health. 

A Funder's Perspective - Supporting Local Policy Change to Sustain Investments.  (2012) Chapter 23. ISBN: 978-0-87553-006-2  [Chapter in textbook]